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High Pressure Electrolysers

Our high pressure electrolyser is composed of 1, 2 or 4 cell blocks according to the quantity of gas (hydrogen and oxygen) that our client wish to produce.
These cell blocks are pre-assembled by workshop tightening, then installed on supports and hydraulically tightened during onsite commissioning with the aid of tie rods.
The unit is supported by auxiliary systems (pumps, compressors, gas purity analysers, reservoirs, filters, feed water treatment, transformer and rectifier for electric current supply, instruments for regulation and control…) that also fall within the scope of supply.


The illustrated unit is made up of four Type S-139 cell blocks (139 indicates the number of cells per block, so this unit has a total of 556 cells) and produces approximately 760 Nm3 hydrogen per hour (1.367 Nm3 / h H2 per cell).
This is the largest unit currently available in IHT’s product range. The production capacity of this unit is, to date, unequalled by any other manufacturer worldwide.

One of our references :
Probably the world’s largest electrolysis plant consisting in 28 electrolysers Type S-556 for a production of 21’000 Nm3/ h H2 and 10’500 Nm3 / h O2 in Zimbabwe.

This plant has been in use for over 35 years.
The graph below shows the hydrogen production (in Nm3 per hour) of the various S-Type electrolysers installed in the past. It demonstrates that a large panel of machines has already been set up historically, ranging from 20 cells (27 Nm3/ h H2 ) to 556 cells (760 Nm3/ h H2 ).



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