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The origins of the technology date back to 1950, when a system ofelectrolysis under pressure was developed by Professor Zdansky on behalf of a Swiss company (Lonza Group).

From the first prototypes a partnership was established with Giovanola (Swiss company based in Monthey) for the production of these electrolysers. During over 50 years, this company remained the only manufacturer of the machines

In 2004 IHT took over this sector of activity. Since then, IHT has been marketing installations and undertaking the maintenance of existing site
The technology developed more than 50 years ago has been continuously improved since its creation and remains in a leading position in the sector. IHT benefits from a successful track record of installation of devices, with approximately 100 electrolysers sold in the past. This represents around 39,000 cells for a hydrogen production of 52,500 Nm3 /h.

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