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Hydrogen Industry

This market has grown over the past decades, driven by an increased demand for hydrogen by the agrochemicals and refining sectors (purification of petroleum products).
In addition, the market for these industries is moving towards large scale industrial production applications. With company policies aiming to protect the environment, electrolysis would be a valuable substitute for processes used until now, notably reforming. The challenge is to use a source for the electrical energy that is as environmentally friendly as possible.
More than 80% of the ammonia produced globally is used as a basic raw material for the fertiliser industry.  The remainder is mostly used in the manufacture of plastics, fibres and explosives.
One of IHT’s main clients is a large producer of fertilisers using ammonia in the production process.
Refining consists of the purification of petrochemicals, by removing the sulphur they contain. Petroleum companies produce a large range of products from raw crude oil (petrol, diesel, kerosene, naptha, etc.).
With the increase in global oil requirements, the low sulphur content oils (sweet or light crude oil) are being depleted and the use of crude oil with higher sulphur content (sour or heavy crude oil) is increasing. The higher the sulphur content, the more hydrogen is required in the refining process. The planned capacity extension in petrochemicals refining is expected to support the long-term growth for hydrogen.
Carbon capture and storage (CCS) / CO2 valorisation
The electrolysis process enables the production of both hydrogen and oxygen which can be used in CCS processes and in CO2 valorisation processes as well.
The process of CCS is based on capturing CO2 from large combustion sources, such as fossil fuel power plants, and storing it in such way that it does not enter the atmosphere. An increasing number of energy players are undertaking research in this field.
Other applications

Food industry (hydrogen is required in hydrogenation applications for oils and fats production)

Chemical industry (hydrogen is key in many processes like methanol manufacture for example)

  Protective atmosphere

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