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Hydrogen Markets

Global demand for the production of H2 is set to grow exponentially. A further trend within the H2 production segment will see a shift from 'reforming' production processes which generate CO2 as an unwanted by-product towards the use of H2 mass production 'electrolysers' which do not.
This market sub-segment will become the strategic battleground for industrial players looking towards H2 as the environmentally acceptable solution to their growing energy needs.
Today, we are facing a fast growing demand for large electrolysis plants.                                          
 Hydrogen applications fall within two categories:
“Hydrogen Industry”
Applications that include the use of hydrogen in various existing industrial production processes (ammonia, refineries, biofuels, etc.).
“Hydrogen Energy”
This category can be divided into 2 groups:
H2 as an energy storage vector coupled with renewable energy sources. In this process, hydrogen is to be transformed into electricity via a fuel cell – the opposite to electrolysis
H2 in the mobility sector (vehicles)
Over the past three years, IHT have been requested to submit a number of bids for new plants (for several hundreds of electrolysers) in all sectors of hydrogen markets mentioned above.                                                                         
The interest in IHT’s electrolysers shown by industrial multinationals by way of offers' requests or site visits, has enabled us to demonstrate the technological advantages of our electrolysers, particularly for the mass production of hydrogen, with the possibility of a direct storage at 30bar (no compression needed).

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