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Project IEA Task 24 / ITHER

Project IEA Task 24
IEA (International Energy Agency) Task 24 project is around coupling wind energy with electrolysers.
This task is entirely focused on the wind energy as power source and is close to the purposes of the ITHER project.

Project ITHER
Integration of an IHT high pressure electrolyser in a plant powered by renewable energy sources for the analysis of the hydrogen production technology in such configurations.
The project is led by the R&D Aragon Hydrogen Foundation in Spain.

The ITHER project has already been granted the following prizes:

In 2007 : the National First Prize of Engineering by the Spanish State;

In 2009 : the Prize for the Best R&D Project 2009 by the International Energy Agency.

Status: As of today, the plant is complete and commissioning and start-up are are the next steps


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