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Technical information / Benefits of IHT's electrolysers

IHT's appliances have three key competitive advantages. Firstly, they profit from an hourly hydrogen production capacity of 760 Nm3. Secondly, IHT's unrivalled technology generates gas at pressure levels of 32 bars (30 bars consumer pressure). In addition, IHT’s devices have probably one of the lowest production energy consumption (4.30 to 4.65 kW/h per Nm3, including compression energy from 1 to 32 bar).

Other competitive advantages of IHT's appliances are the flexibility of the production process enhanced by the H2 storage alternatives; the significant savings in production space requirements; and the track record of proven long service life through a 50 year history of selling H2 mass production electrolysers around the world.
Key features of our electrolyser Type S-556 :

Leader in the volume of gas produced per unit (760 Nm3/h H2 - 380 Nm3/h O2  - large scale production)

 Gas (H2 & O2) produced at 32 bar



Consumption 4.3 - 4.6 kWh/ Nm3 H2  including compression energy from 1 to 32 bar (Guaranteed value 4.65  (takes into account dispersion of the characteristics and degradation over time)

 Proven technology (in operation for many decades)  


 Low maintenance costs


 Relatively low space requirement 


High reliability and lifespan (revision work (replacement of old cell blocks) is only required every 10 to 15 years, unplanned or emergency shutdowns remain extremely rare or even inexistent over many years’ periods)


Flexible operation (25% - 100%), maximum output can be achieved in 10 minutes                                                                  


Ideally fitted for integration with H2-energy applications (wind turbine, photovoltaic, fuel cell)                                                    



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